DOD TS Timeline

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Previous fully adjudicated DOD secret (no calls/interviews). Took about 2 months from submission to receipt… interim granted overnight after docs submitted. Over the end of 2015 (holidays)

April 2017 - Submitted for TS

July 2017 - Interim TS

Fall 17 - Left the company- investigation stopped. No references contacted, no interview, etc.

Late 2018 - Returned to company, secret was “turned back on”

January 19 - Eqip submitted to the government

  • 7 business days later, interim TS granted

Feb 19 - (end of month), BI interview. Talked with coworkers, manager, Former co-workers. Neighbors, person who knew me well (Northeast)

April 19 - Out of state neighbor, coworker, manager, and developed reference contacted (Northeast corridor)

June 19 - Pinged FSO, investigation still open

Aug 19 - Friend (“knows me well” reference) meets with nbib agent (Midwest)

Aug 19 - full DOD TS granted, exactly 3 weeks later

Limited foreign travel (Western Europe), single foreign contact (green card holder), experimental marijuana use (at this point 5 years ago).

Start to finish, ~8 months

Hopefully this will help shed some light for other folks in the process.

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DoD Definitely gets to move faster than some of the alphabet soup agencies.