Does Clearnace Archival = NO Interim on Re-up?

Hi all,

Just heard something interesting and thought this would be the best resource to tap for validation.

I was told this afternoon that if your clearance has lapsed long enough that it’s archived, if/when you apply for a clearance again, OPM (or whoever’s doing them these days for military contractors and assoc.) you will NOT be granted an interim.

Can anyone attest to the validity of that statement or blow holes in it? Just curious. I recently spent a year sweating bullets over this very thing (and, unfortunately, getting side-eye from my manager who is now convinced that I must have a significant character deficit as a result) and would like to be more educated about the “what ifs” for future reference.


I can offer one example of a case where someone left defense work to go into the commercial sector and was away from defense for over two years, so his clearance definitely lapsed… and he did get an interim when he returned to defense work.

Not sure what that proves… but I can’t imagine why an interim would automatically be out of the question in this situation. Note that some places (customers, programs, whatever) seem to be reluctant to grant ANY interims, and in some cases, only a final clearance will be accepted.

Sorry, I don’t mean to hijack your post but I was also curious about something related to clearance archival. I submitted my e-QIP on 10/07 and it was returned last week for a correction. When I logged in, the application from 10/07 showed up as an archival copy. I was wondering what this meant for my clearance. Thank you.