Doha court appearance


I received an SOR due to issues that 9 and half years ago. Do I have a chance of getting my Clarence granted when I get to court in front of a judge?

Sure there’s a chance. Have you looked at the DOHA decisions online? Google “DOHA decisions” and you can look at recent cases and their outcomes, see if there’s anything similar to your situation.

Of course it all depends on what those issues were, and what you have been able to do to mitigate those issues.

Is this your first clearance? You absolutely have a chance as long as whatever it was, the behavior has changed. Good luck! Time is definitely on your side!!

I had a Domestic case that was dismissed in 2008 that was a red flag. I lied about having a high school diploma with. Company I was working for. I came out and told my supervisor the truth about me going to night school, and he went to HR and they fired me. I told the truth on my SF86 form. And my finances. I then got my diploma, enroll into online classes. My finances has been fixed. I haven’t did anything. I been Honest and clean since 2011.

No, I have a secret clearance. I was put in for and upgrade.

Where don’t go to look up the SEAD guidelines?

Google the term and it will pop up.

When did you receive the SOR? A response to the SOR can short-circuit the denial/revocation process before you even get to the hearing phase, assuming you have the requisite documentation and good mitigation. You have 20 days unless you request an extension.

It would be a good idea to talk to an attorney who handles these cases and knows the ropes as far as timelines, extensions, documentation, chances of success, etc. I offer free consults, as I would imagine most attorneys do.