Doing investigations overseas?

Are there any companies sending investigators overseas? Or is that limited to OPM/NBIB investigators?

For IC positions, the IC will contact its “stations” abroad, in the case of applicants who have resided outside the US.

I’ve only ever heard of federal overseas teams, not contractor

Dont know if they still do it but in the past, DoD elements overseas would help out with investigations but I think they only interviewed DoD personnel, military or civilian.

I’ve heard of State Dept asking the security office at embassies/consulates to help out if somebody worked there or is currently assigned there. They might have the capability to run some kind of local name check with their host nation contacts but I doubt they do that on a routine basis.

But that’s all I’ve encountered.

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I had my subject interview with the ARSO (Assistant Regional Security Officer) at the embassy when I lived abroad.

I live abroad and my BI interview was done at the embassy. They do have people who can investigate. My BI was finished in about a year.q

The CIA will do something similar, contacting its “stations” at US Embassies abroad, asking to check if the applicant shows up in the Station’s “criminal, security, and counterintelligence” files.

This is done irrespectively of whether the applicant was employed at the Embassy or with any other Government agency.