Drug/Alcohol use and eQip

I have a DUI when I was 16 and was sentenced to alcohol classes. That was 14 years ago. The records were supposed to be sealed/expunged but I don’t have any information from the incident. The eQip asks me if I have ever been sentenced to counseling or classes because of my alcohol use. If I say yes it asks for addresses, phone numbers, and names but I have no idea how I could go about digging that info. Do I need to even mention this incident since I was 16 and I basically have a new record to start from?

Just a year ago I got a BUI but was not charged by the DA. I was under the legal limit when they breathalyzed me and they just wanted to make my life hell from the start. I mention this but wonder how it looks alongside having a Dui when I was 16.

I also got a possession of marijuana ticket when I was in college. I haven’t touched it since.

Is this going to kill my opportunity at a clearance?

No one can answer this for sure. That said we need more info, how old are you now and what year were the charges?

Expunged items have to be listed. That’s why it says ever. Yes, there’s a chance they could do a check and none of that info shows up, but if you don’t list it and it does come up you’re in for a lot more struggle. Again I don’t know how old you are but time is your best friend. Your second charge you could say is a pattern but I don’t believe it is since you weren’t actually intoxicated. That said I am not your adjudicator so my opinion is useless

If the info will affect your clearance depends on how long ago this all was and what you’re going for. DEA or FBI probably not going to be cool with the weed charge. The DoS or civilian DoD probably more likely to look past it. Also things vary for public trust, secret, top secret, top secret SCI. These things are all factors that will be a part of your decision.

With more info this community can help give you an educated guess based on their experience. That said no one here can garuntee one way or another, only your adjudicator makes the decision and decisions can either way.

The two charges can be youthful indiscretion, especially one when you were 16. The more recent one could raise a flag. Of your not applying for Law enforcement you’re probably good. If you’re trying get a badge though that is tough. More info needed and no one here will really know anyway.

I’ve had people with a couple of Dui’s 3 to 5 years apart so I would not worry about the 16 years of age one. Not sure what a BUI is but I would mention it as well. I am a fan of revealing any info that would sound a lot bette coming from you vice discovery. If the MJ was indeed youthful stupidity and more than 12 months passed, and you were under the age of 24…it too is not relevant. The older you are and the mroe recent an event is…gets weighed closely. Time does indeed mitigate a lot of stuff as does youthful stupidity.