Duration to grant Clearance

Hi Everyone,

I had an DoD "Intermin "sent to LOJ therefore; I never had a “Final Secret”. But have a active DoE Q. And curious the duration time of DoD granting my clearance. Currently in the CAF/DISS status.

Thank you

You left out a lot of details needed to help with your word problem.

You had a DoD interim , when? Why did it go to LOJ status? When did you get the DoE Q clearance? And finally, why are you in adjudication when you are in LOJ status. LOJ means there will be no adjudication.

In March 2020 my DoD Intermin went LOJ (laid off during covid). My current re-investigate my SF86 to start my clearance in March 2021 and was granted DoE Q in June of 2021.

Then there is no issue. The LOJ was from the layoff. DCSA does both normal DoD and DoE investigations. You should have no problems with the new eligibility.

Thank you. Id been waiting for 2months and is curious