easiest way to get Fingerprint taken?

Hi. I was asked to get my fingerprint taken as a part of the security clearance process. I have never done something similar before. What is the easiest way? Do I just go to a local police station and asks for my finger prints to be taken? And I have 2 different options to get my fingerprints taken: digitally or manually. What is the difference? And which way is the easiest?

I have always gone to a local gun dealer…most of them do finger prints for a small fee. If nothing else google your area for places.

Call your local police and explain what you need. You will probably make an appointment with a detective to come in and get it done. It will take about 15 minutes.


I had to get fingerprinted for a DCJS certification. I went right to the local police station. I walked right in and told them what I needed. Like Ed said, shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes or so.

Check with your local PD for specific police station that do fingerprint (not all of them has this capacity). Mine was free at the local police, but YMMV. I think that would be the easy and secured way. Or you can Google and ‘My FBI Report’ have a search tool for fingerprinting locations.

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I got mine from https://www.fieldprint.com

If you can do it digitally, I would recommend you to go that route. Depending on your agency, you can go to a Government building or military facility to get it fingerprinted for free. You will need to ask your security manager for a list. If that is not possible, go to local/state police station to get it done.

If you must get it done at a non-public entity, make sure the company is legit and has the right credentials to carry out.