Regarding digital fingerprint

I’m a DoD new hire and going through the security clearance, HR told me to go any where do digital fingerprint for background check. I checked nearby air force base, MEP, CDC, USAaccess, FBI, State Police, Local sheriff. Apparently nobody is taking if not hired by their own department. Private fingerprint asking for service code that HR doesn’t provide. Is there anything else i can do?

What area of the country are you in? Closest major city?

Usually local state police office or county police office will do it for a fee. The issue is whether they have the electronic system.

Pittsburgh PA, the closest city will be Washington DC?

I’m surprised they wouldn’t do that themselves…
You can check at UPS stores, they have digital fingerprinting services sometimes.
I’m not sure if that would be acceptable for the security clearance process though…

There’s an IdentGO location in Pittsburgh and they provide this service. Follow this link to start the sign-up process:

Typically you can walk in at city or county sherriff’s office, state police, IDentGo or local USAccess PIV office. I used to run PIV office in my area. I took walk ins but all offices are different *you’ll likely need to use the scheduling tool online, sometimes it takes weeks to get in, unfortunately. State police can probably do it or tell you where to go since they deal with all background checks & prints for weapons permits.

I am also in the Pittsburgh Area, you can go to the federal building downtown after making an appointment to get your prints done.

This sounds very odd. The fingerprint reader thing (in my experience) is connected directly to some kind of trusted system. I don’t even know how they could transfer the data to the trusted system.

Yeah in the old days when you got fingerprint cards it was easy enough to go to the local police station.

Is it possible that HR has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to security?

Wouldn’t be the first time…


The local sheriff office only provide fingerprint cards and the security clearance wants digital only. All the private company does finger prints told me that only military base can do it. MEP said they can only do it when it’s DoD army civilian staff or military. FBI said that they can only do criminal background fingerprint not the ones for federal employee background check (don’t ask me what’s the difference, they just old me that). I even called Navy Yard at DC and they said they don’t do it there. Maybe I’m asking the wrong questions?

Don’t muck around trying to figure what they need and where you can get it. Call HR and tell them that you haven’t been able to locate someone who can do digital prints and transmit them where they are needed. Ask them to find out where you can get what they need and send you there.

Close to any Air National Guard Bases? If so call and get in touch with Security Forces Pass and Registration or the Chief, Information Protection Office. Be polite, ask nicely. We do it for people all the time at my ANG Unit…

Really? How do you transmit the data? Does it just get uploaded into the fingerprint system?

We change the Agency SON numbers and it is directed to the proper agency. If we can’t do that we just do hard copies and mail them or give them to the Sunject to mail.

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Thank you so much, I’ll look into it. HR just kept saying that anyone can do fingerprint should be able to do it.

That may be true, but just because some office is “able” to do it, they may not be “willing” to do it. Hopefully you can find an office like the one where @Defender66 works.

Yet another example of HR making things easier for HR.

you know, that’s exactly what i’ve been thinking.
your last scentence made me lol, seriously :smiley:

Try the Gemalto website and see if they’re in your state. I have the ability to do it in my office, for example, but we aren’t listed as a public website because of some labor issue that happened years ago. If someone came in person, and I had the time to do it, it’s at my discretion but I can’t advertise or collect any extra fees. The applicant pays Gemalto.