Eligibility in JPAS

After a long wait my security clearance request was adjudicated a few days ago. I had filled form SF-86 and was subject to an OPM BI which concluded in June and was adjudicated in July. A potential employer verified that my JPAS eligibility was set to: Eligible for Position of Trust. I say ‘potential’ because I am no longer with the agency that sponsored my clearance request. Does ‘Eligible for Position of Trust’ mean I have Secret clearance (which is what the agency had applied for)? Is this not to be confused with Public Trust position? Please clarify. Thanks in advance.

Many DHS positions use the SF-86 for positions that have sensitive public trust duties but do not require a security clearance. Unless you signed a nondisclosure agreement (SF-312) you do not have a clearance.

Thanks for the clarification.