Employment Information

Is there a listing of the offices for NBIB? I applied with OPM for a Background Investigator position and received the, you are among the best qualified candidates and have been referred for the next step in the selection process. I contacted Work4US@opm.gov, they indicated they can not give out where the NBIB offices are located due to safety concerns. Okay, but what about a phone number? No response. I’d like to get my foot in the door and feel it may be beneficial if I move, rather than waiting around. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t reveal NBIB office locations due to safety concerns? Wow, what a country we live in…

You have to apply for a position in a specific area. The area SAC is the hiring agent for their team. We get a lot (meaning hundreds) of applicants for each position. The HR folks have to screen the applicants to reduce the list. If you are “best qualified” then you will be interviewed - either in person or by telephone by the hiring SAC with another person, usually another SAC, in the interview.

I didn’t know our offices were secret locations - we don’t do a good job of that if they are supposed to be secretive.

Yes, there was no reason given as to why there was a safety concern. I was looking for numbers and locations in the Chicago area and suburbs. I think there are bigger safety concern in this area, other than NBIB offices. But, I don’t find much for their offices when googled. Thanks for the help.

It may not be, entirely, a safety concern. Perhaps they don’t want every applicant for an investigator position to show up at the front desk looking for a status?

Probably a more acceptable answer than the one given. Doubtful that every applicant would show up for a status check though.