Emplyement Activity Verification

With respect to filling out the SF 86 national security clearance questionnaire. I worked for my brother’s company so will put him as my supervisor. Will this be problematic? The address of the company is also his home address since this is where he runs the company from ? Will the investigator ask for any other type of documentation to verify, or will the verification be conducted over the phone ?

Was your brother your immediate supervisor? How long were you employed by this company?

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Yes my immediate supervisor. 6 years

Supervisor = on site supervisor or if no on site supervisor then direct supervisor
Employer address = company location, where employment records are kept
Work site location = place where you physically performed your work
Added bonus: in the comment box list 1-2 coworkers at the employment and their contact information

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You are fine. Family businesses are not uncommon.

It depends on the level of access being requested.
T3 - they will send a document in the mail to be completed & returned.
T5 - an investigator will come out and ask to:

  1. View your personnel file (or whatever records provide proof of your employment)
  2. Request to interview your direct (on-site) supervisor
  3. Request to interview a co-worker or co-workers who can core your entire period of employment.

But like [backgdinvestigator] said, “you are fine”. A [legit] family business won’t be an issue.