EOD soon, how to fast-track investigation?

Other than having a hand-written hard copy of f86 completed on day 1 ready to go, how can I push for expedited investigation?
Covid delayed my onboarding so I want to make up for lost time and get clearance (or rejection) out of the way ASAP.

You can’t. Applicants don’t choose the speed of the security process. It will take as long as it takes.

COVID has delayed everyone, so take a seat and wait.


Having a thorough and complete SF86 can help speed field work along.

Make sure the dates/llocations in your Residence section match your Employment section (and Education section if appropriate). List all employments with valid addresses/zipcodes/supervisors (with real contact information).

Don’t list references or verifiers living overseas.

List where you actually lived/worked - not your home of record or the main office (unless you lived/worked there the whole time)

List the verifier’s current contact information - not where you worked together five years ago.

List verifiers’s who actually worked/lived/went to school with you - not family or friends that were aware of these activities.

Don’t list dead people as references or verifiers. The only dead people on the SCA will be family members you are required to list.

Tell everyone on your SCA that someone may contact them and to respond.

Read the questions in section 19 to the end of the SCA and answer them literally.EXAMPLE: List the collection you had six years ago even though it was paid off five and half years ago.

These tips will help you get through the process quicker once an agent picks up your case. You don’t want any surprises in your investigation. Surprises (developed information) slows your investigation whereas reporting the information correctly allows the required information to be gathered right away.

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