ESI Interview


I'm waiting to take my ESI interview for my SF85P moderate background. Can someone give me a idea of what is covered during this interview? Also what types of questions are asked/covered during the interview that are not on the SF85P?


The purpose of the interview for your public trust investigation is to go over the answers you submitted to make sure they are correct, and to update or add information you may have forgotten to list. It is your opportunity to clarify information that may me of concern. Every interviewer always asks whether there is anything else you want to add or disclose.


What most commonly disqualifies applicants after the SF85P investigation has begun ?



The most common issues in any investigation are usually dishonesty/lack of candor when you did not disclose something that was required, recent criminal behavior, and financial irresponsibility where no efforts or initiative have been taken to satisfy just debts. Drug abuse can be disqualifying depending on the recency, type and how often used.