Existing Security clearance for a COE?

Hi I already have valid TS/SCI with Poly as a contractor .So for a COE i received will the existing clearance hold good ? I have been told I have to redo the Poly, Was wondering will I get ahead of the line if my recently approved clearance is valid to get the EOD?

Two questions apply for which there are clear answers:

  • Is your last investigation within six (waiver from five) years?
  • Has it been less than two years since you were last actively cleared?

If the answers to both questions are “YES” then you should be OK… UNLESS:

  • the new employer (or their government sponsor/customer) decides to do it all over again anyway.

You already got the word about doing a new poly.

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Best answer today Sbusquirrel! The be all caveat “unless we decide to do it all over anyway.” Had several in that category.