Falsified information on SF86

One of my coworkers clearly lied for the past year about his address and cohabitation with another coworker, trying to avoid military fraternization charges. I believe he was trying to avoid disclosure of some drug items as well. His new military position requires a top secret SCI. They were just asking witness interviews last month so I think the investigation may still be active. A couple weeks ago, the base commander initiated an investigation for the reported fraternization and failure follow an order. Should the security clearance piece be reported? And to who?

Having served…I get the fraternization issue. And I also understand how it can undermine cohesion if an officer holds people accountable because you know, rules. Then violates rules. People will fall in love/lust, puppy dog and otherwise. When they begin hiding the relationship and falsifying government documents…it rises to a new level. On balance one asks if they are being petty, seeking revenge if they report…jury is out on that one. If a formal investigation is open I think it requires bringing the information forward. I knew a sharp and respected NCO who was questioned on one topic he absolutely was not guilty of. In this interview they asked questions about his high school drug use, and he was open about MJ use 8 years prior. They pulled his enlistment papers where he denied using drugs and he was discharged for false enlistment, and falsifying government documents. It isn’t a charge to be trifled with. If you simply assume drug use and are not first hand knowledgeable about it…well, that would be rumor and innuendo. People are petty and they do make up stupid things particularly if they were disciplined by another. You need use your filter to determine if the drug issue was reliable or from a person with an axe to grind. If you believe it reliable and supportable then consider reporting. I suspect the officer is going to have his or her hands full with the fraternization charge. The USMC just severely disciplined the female Marine who completed Infantry school. It is routinely punished. Severely.


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Joe…Report your observations to either your or his security manager. They can filter facts and rumors. You have a reporting requirement per Insider Threat. Alternately you can report to OSI, CID, NCIS, etc depending on the service.