Federal Employee Concern


I am currently in the investigation/ajudication stage for a TS/SCI clearance. The role I am being cleared for is a full time role at a federal agency. I am currently working in the private sector in the mean time, but want to switch jobs. If I were to take a job at another federal organization would that cause an issue if I get cleared for the other position and want to pursue that? I am unfamiliar with how things work in the public sector. Can you just switch federal agencies without issue like in the private sector? Thanks.

You’d have to define issue. I only know about the DoD but it’s fairly simple to go from army to navy to air Force to Marines. Across IC I’ve got no idea or say CBP to FBI

I just got my active SSBI (FSP) transferred from IC to DHS The people with right access should check the IC equivalent of JPAS or CVS