Federal Law Enforcement Job (Background Investigation)

Hello, I recently applied for a Federal Law Enforcement Job and currently going through the process of the Background Investigation. My question is regarding my past and if I will get a favorable adjudication. Approximately 15yrs ago (age 18) I was charged with hit and run. I hit a car in a parking lot and there was no damage after I checked and then departed. The court case was dismissed and there was no charges for damages etc. I went to college why I worked (correctional officer), moved on to (federal service), completed degree. Resigned when spouse accepted job and family relocated, I have not received any unfavorable action since (I also volunteer for non-profit organizations) etc. Do I have anything to worry about? Thanks for your time.

Shouldn’t be a factor for a tier 4 or 5 investigation but as you know, 0083/1811 is competitive and the hiring panel is its own animal in terms of onboarding.

You won’t even have to disclose an offense such as you described if it occurred 15 years ago.

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Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

Thank you, that is what concerns me, I hope that the time factor will be considered and the fact that it was a one time incident and the behavior did not continually occur. Thanks for the post.

Yeah, if that is your only issue - you are overreacting… I’ve known 1811’s with DUI’s in their past…