Felony Conviction

Unfortunately I have a felony conviction for a dui related case. I was incarcerated for 2 years and 4 months. I was released in Feb of 2019. I have no other offenses in my past for anything. I have held a clearance since 1985. I don’t know where I would stand with this. Any help and input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Your clearance is likely “inactive” because you haven’t held a cleared position for over two years. If you find a job sponsor, you can get cleared with a DUI but I don’t know about it happening this soon after getting out. You have several things to overcome. The felony conviction will be an issue and it being alcohol related will make it worse. The fact that this happened while you were cleared and should have known better will make it even worse. You’re going to have to show that alcohol is no longer a problem and that you aren’t likely to have more problems. This may require proof of treatment, statements from doctors and/or therapists. There’s a lot involved and have to be prepared to work to show that you deserve another chance.

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Thank you Ed for your time and knowledge.


Concur with Ed. Set out to rock their world with proof. Attend AA even if you quit drinking, engage a therapist to understand how and why…speak at events regarding DUI…all of these are positive indicators you put a bad time behind you. If it is the only thing on your file…I think you can overcome this arrest and conviction even with time served. It usually does not result in incarceration for a first time caught DUI. Are there aggravating factors? Did this cause a death? If so the hill is steeper. Were there previous drinking incidents? You cannot change the conviction or time served, but you can play your hand as good as possible and lean forward to demonstrate you rolled with the punches and made yourself a better person. If there are any programs to erase the conviction, I would follow them, but still report. Demonstrate you are a model citizen in action and deed. You will likely take a few rejections first. But keep moving forward positively.