Recent DWI - FIRST Offense - Eligible for a Clearance?

I am a recent college graduate and I was extremely irresponsible and was convicted of a DWI at the beginning of April this year. This was my first offense. I’ve been feeling very discouraged lately during my job hunting because I know this hinders my chances of getting a security clearance, but I’m not sure how much. Am I eligible to obtain a clearance? If not now, how long until I will be eligible?

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.

If as you say, this is your first offense and no prior alcohol related issues, then as long as you are forthright about it and own up to it then it should not affect your ability to obtain a security clearance,

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Thank you for your response! This was very helpful.

Concur. I have been able to get clearances for people with 2 DUI’s. I do recommend mitigating it through taking classes, possibly attending AA to learn more about the subject. It isn’t an admission of a problem to attend AA. Many family members do this to learn more. Age also factors in and youthful indiscretion is taken into consideration.