Spouse has a DUI

My spouse was convicted of a DUI two years before we met, in April of 2014 (She just told me now).It has been almost two yeard before her conviction and I am up for a ts/sci clearance with a ssbi renewal next year. Will her having a DUI affect my chances of getting my clearance renewed this time around? She has been sober since with a clean driving record since the time of the incident.

Her DUI has no impact on your eligibility for a clearance.

Even if it is a ts/sci clearance with a ssbi investigation?

Thank you for your prompt reply btw.

She is not being investigated, you are. If she is not currently involved in criminal activity minor past offenses do not have any bearing.

I was told that I was to inform everything to my fso. I have a ts/sci clearance and am also up for a ssbi investigation. I was told that every action my spouse makes/takes has a direct impact on my security clearance.

It’s not an issue. Relax.