Filing a disability discrimination complaint and security clearance

I experienced disability discrimination from current company (not DOD contractor).
My security clearance is still open investigation.
If I file a Discrimination Complaint (or a lawsuit), I wonder this affects my security clearance application.

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Without knowing more information, it is hard to answer your question and I am not going to speculate. Nonetheless, filing employment discrimination, per se, cannot legally have any affect on your employment opportunities.

Keep in mind, your employer will likely be contacted. If your employer is smart enough, they will remain silent. If your employer negatively affects your security clearance application in any way, you might have a claim for retaliation given the chilling effect that it has.

I would advise you to mention this on the form and/or to a background investigator. when you met with the investigator, don’t try your case with the investigator. Just give him/her facts.

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If you are involved in civil litigation, make sure you disclose that. This situation always amazes me as the law is quite clear on what is acceptable and what is not. I’m quite happy with my current companies efforts to seek differently abled workers. The government can accommodate almost any level of disability. Deafness, wheelchairs, etc. We work with a local department of aging and rehabilitation for numerous high quality candidates. They assist and advise on what the person believes will allow them to be successful. Special keyboards, doorways, written word, etc. Wood you mentioned deafness earlier. I’ve had several deaf employees and we were able to get them TS SCI with full poly. So I know it can be done.Hang in there as you pursue your cleared work.

I am curious if your issue has been resolved. I am currently involved in a situation where there was discrimination by a former employer and my background investigation suffered as a result.

I didn’t file discrimination claims due to background investigation delay.

@subtone, I am not following… you didnt file because? Background investigation should dictate whether you should file or not. Also, keep in mind… there is a time limit to file employment discrimination complaint.