Filing a Green Card Petition w/ TS/SCI clearance

does anyone know what the guidance is for filing a green card petition for foreign parents, when the son/daughter holds a TS/SCI? Of course everything would be reported to security.
Can’t seem to find a straight answer anywhere…

Can anyone shed some light on this? Maybe @amberbunny or @Marko?
Thanks :blush:

If the petitioner was already cleared to TS/SCI with parents who are foreign nationals then it would be safe to say sponsoring them for permanent U.S. residency would not raise a flag. Talk to the Security Officer for the SCI granting authority for clarification.

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Report it to your security department. Your security department should know if it will be a problem. In general terms, there is nothing inherently wrong with having foreign connections or sponsoring someone for permanent residence. Several TS clearance holders have sponsored entry of foreign spouses/family into the U.S. The main concern is whether this could indicate a divided loyalty issue.

If you have a clearance, you should ask for permission instead of forgiveness. If uncertain, do not just do it and then hope it will be okay. I doubt they will have a problem with it. You will not likely receive a straight answer on here as some of the foreign tie allowances for clearances are more agency specific.