Finally got my clearance but.......

I finally got word that my secret clearance came through, which took just shy of three years. Unfortunately, my family situation has changed and I can longer take the job I was getting the clearance for. It would involve a significant move and my ex is no longer willing to move (I have 50/50 custody of my kids and I’m not leaving them.). Since I have gone through the process and got a clearance, is it valid for other jobs that require the same level (Secret) clearance? And if so, for how long? I would like to start looking for other jobs that are virtual or closer that wouldnt require me to move out of the area.

Try to find out the date your clearance was granted (or the date that the investigation completed) and then contact some employers in your area. Chances are somebody will be willing to try to pick up your clearance, but there are no guarantees.

You may need accept position, get read in if the position requires to activate said clearance. If it shows in DISS/JPASS you absolutely have a clearance eligible for crossover to most any institution. I crossed over dozens of clearances from DoD to my last client. I would do this even knowing you won’t stay. You never know after 30 days you may want to stay or maybe ex wife’s position softens. Explain it as you can pay alimony this way. That might change her mind.

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