Flagged for Expedition

I am currently in adjudication and I have a contact who recently contacted my sponsoring Agency’s security team to get my case expedited. My contact assured me that my case was flagged for expedition, but I’m unsure if this will actually help me get adjudicated quicker or not. Can anyone offer up any information for cases that have been flagged for expedition?

Anyone who can offer any insight regarding expedited cases?

Don’t know much but I will tell you this . . . In September of 2016, OPM told my congressman that they would “expedite” my clearance application.

In December of 2017 my clearance was granted.

Thanks for the reply. Congrats on the recent clearance! Was hoping that wouldn’t be the case for “expedited” cases…

It depends on the job. If it is for a background investigator, adjudicator, political appointee, etc., you should see a relatively quick turnaround. Those are priority to OPM.

As for other cases, no idea.

Good to know. it’s a position with an OIG for an agency that doesn’t use OPM for their background investigations tho. Not sure if that makes a difference.