Can an investigation be expedited?

My investigation for a secret clearance has been ongoing for over 15 months. I have not heard a peep from anyone investigator or OPM. I called OPM to find out what was going on and the rep said I can have my FSO call in and ask that my investigation be expedited. When I asked my FSO to do this the FSO told me that its not true. However when I call the OPM number there is an option to expedite an investigation.

So whats the deal?

If the investigation is past OPM’s due to agency date (ACD), then the agency can request an expedite, I have tried this a number of times and don’t really think it got done any faster. Take into consideration that lots of others are doing the same thing, it all comes down to the agency and prioritization. It sounds like yours is one of those that got caught in transition and OPM has not implemented a process to identify the stragglers out there in order to get them closed. I have several in the same boat and know how frustrating it is.

I can agree to it not seeming to do much. My FSO has expedited me “Several” times…and not much seems to be coming of it. Today marks day 175 since fingerprints and SF-86 submission.

I wonder if an agency’s security specialist has more leverages over a company’s FSO? Maybe this would explain the discrepancy…

Investigators and other deemed important positions are. It’s not unusual to get a TS in 3 to 4 months if you fall in this category.

Reminds me of the old joke:

“We only work at two speeds. If you don’t like this speed, you sure won’t like the other one.”


I think it could they can. Anybody else heard of 10 USC 1564? I would like to hear from others. I am a disabled vet.