Foolishly Volunteered Info During Poly

I’ve had a TS clearance for 15+ years and I had to take a poly yesterday in order to get an account on a certain system. I got rattled during the poly and fell for the “what are you hiding or worried about?” question. I revealed that I tend to consume too much alcohol. I’ve never had a DUI or an official diagnosis, but I admitted to drinking too much (only at home).

The exam ended after this admission and I have to return to take the test again. What should I do now? Even if I abstain, the retake is in 2 weeks and they won’t think that’s enough time to prove I can abstain. What are the chances of me losing my clearance??

Really?? Nobody will answer this?

Without knowing the full details of your conversation, the agency, position, etc… no one can really say what could happen. For you to lose your clearance they would have to give you due process and put in writing they reasons and allow you to respond. At the same time, they could just deny you access to the specific program you took the poly for. You will just have to play it out. If you are totally honest with yourself then you know whether there is an issue with alcohol abuse, so it is what it is.

Thanks for the response.