Foreign contacts question

I applied to a job that will require me to obtain a TS clearance if I end up getting the position. I had my normal interviews with the recruiter and hiring manager and things went great so I’m pretty positive I’m going to get an offer. That being said…

I’m a member of a Discord community comprised of roughly 500,000 members that revolves are the stock market. where I spend a bit of my free time (not all of which are active but that’s besides the point), so naturally some of the people there aren’t US citizens.

There’s roughly 12 individuals I’ve had conversations through direct messages with varying degrees of frequency most of which are from either Canada, or the UK primarily. I think only 1 of the individuals knows my first name, all of which know what I look like, and I think most of which know I currently work in the commercial aerospace industry. Out of said 12 individuals there are a couple females I’ve flirted with in the midst of our messages (some of which wasn’t reciprocated (lol)), or extended an offer to hang out if they ever were in my city (which is more than likely never gonna happen).

I know the guidelines are continuous and/or ongoing, and bound by affection, obligation or influence or common interests. What confuses me is since “affection” is such a broad term would flirting in these cases be considered as such? Is friendship with foreigners considered an issue? Is us being in the same server about the stock market considered “common interests” necessarily?

My question being - given the details provided should I just go ahead and list every individual on the SF86 just to be safe? I want to make sure I do the right thing. How likely is this kind of thing to be an issue? Will I likely get denied?

Otherwise my background is squeaky clean, not even as much as a speeding ticket to be found.

Sorry for the long post, and thank you ahead of time for any help in clarifying about this.