Foreign Passport & USA CitizenShip

I’m in the process of filling out the application to get a security clearance. I have been a USA Citizen since 2006 and there is a question where they ask if i have ever held a foreign passport and the answer to that is yes before becoming a citizen, but after i became a citizen I turn in my foreign passport and in the application is asking for that passport information which i don’t have any more, what should i do?

You should answer just as you have here on the form using the comments section.

I will click No then explain the reason, thanks for the help.

… I’m not in the business of telling people what to do, but please read the question a thousand times over

That is not what you stated in your original post. The question does not ask only after you attained US citizenship. It ask have you EVER held a foreign passport. Therefore the answer is YES and you fill in the information you have and provide a comment for the information you don’t have.

that is the issue is asking for the passport number and issue date. I don’t remember any of that because i don’t have the passport since 2006. What should i do?

I believe you can put in ‘Unknown’ on SF86 as that what I did when they ask for my in-laws passport information. Just curious … you don’t keep a copy of the USCIS paperwork (i.e. N400) when you applied for US Citizenship? It should have had that information in there just in case you are looking for it.