Forgot to add few things on sf 86

Hello all i wanted to know how bad would it affect me getting my dream job with CBP I forgot to add 3 things a school i attended (college) a job suspension and also a write up.
For the suspension I was suspended pending investigation due to another employees actions but since my name was involved I was suspended as well pending investigation but did not lose my job as well a got back pay.
It was just oversight not adding my school.
I also received a write up from my current job months after completing my sf 86
All of which i told my BI during the face to face interview
How bad is my case? and whats my likely hood of still getting the job

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Thank you for your reply @skcubrats Merry Christmas to you as well.
My previous suspension happened in 2010. I was working at a theme park and needed help setting up a new system on my (theme park ticket profile) an individual that I worked with offered to assist me. unbeknownst to me this individual took down my information for their own use. long story short I was not the only one other employees were involved because it was a new system that was implemented and that individual took advantage of the situation. I was then suspended pending investigation and 3 weeks later found not at fault and given back pay. That individual was then prosecuted…

My current write up happened about a month or two after completing my sf86. I am a current TSA officer and due to some circumstances did not pull a bag for secondary screening.

Thank you again for your insight.

What’s the story? Did you get your clearance?