FORM T3 SOR response


So I have this burning question I had a FORM I submitted in December 2017 and I haven’t heard back from them since then. It’s been over a month now…

Can they grant you an clearance?
Do another FORM?


A month? I suspect that you are getting close to hearing something . . . Mine took about six weeks.

But, I’m started to question your posts? I just responded to one where you asked what a “FORM” is . . . Now, you say that you responded to one a month ago?


Hey thanks for replying back to me very quick about this so this form what I’m talking about is also considered an Loi letter of intent stating that you know what you’re going to do about financial considerations I myself I do not have a formal hearing all of this has been done is written and I myself I turned it in December but I would like to know how this will work through them does it go through an adjudication process of them looking at it or will they ask for more information in the future will they also ask about the information you’ve done in the past like Financial classes that you’ve been taking it all stems right now of multiple post I’ve been posting and to get a different views and opinions because my job relies on this security clearance and I do not want to be misinformed because of what the information I’ve gotten from them is that they don’t know as much as I do so that’s why I’m out reaching as multiple posts I appreciate you getting back to me anything helps at the same time but at the current moment I don’t know kind of confused more stress than anything else right now but I just don’t want to be left out in the wind and trying to figure out where this is heading


I feel like we have had more than one Mr_gonzo floating around…


I thought I was the only one who noticed…