FY 2021 is here

It’s FY 2021. The prime DCSA contracts expired 30 Sept unless there were “option years” built in to the contract.

Anyone know who all won the Prime?

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Waiting anxiously for same details. IC in FL here

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I just received an email stating DHS bid announcement is moved to mid-October.

Same here. Looks like one mass email went out. I received texts from friends all over the country within minutes.

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I heard DHS released the bid process on 10.16 and there are 3 phases. Phase 1 is due tomorrow, phases 2 amd 3 are due in November.
Why i have to hear this from a company Im not even employed by is beyond me when my company hides everything and blows smoke (probably afraid we’ll quit).

Did you receive the enail about the DHS letter of intent that’s coming out next week? I just received an email.

I got it. I believe everyone who applied gets all the updates as they send them out.


What is the letter of intent?

Any updates out there about who’s who in the DCSA zoo?

I haven’t heard anything about DCSA lately

Email I saw was about being willing to support the fulfillment of the statement of work - no other information provided.