General under honorable conditions

I received a General (under honorable conditions) from the Navy in 2004 it was for misconduct(fraternization/assault) secuirty clearance was revoked. In 2006 I was able to join the California Army National Guard on a waiver. I received a new clearance. It seems that my recruiter may have filled out my SF86 there appears to be a a few ommisons That I would not have left out. Such as I received a General Under Honorable conditions not an Honorable dishcarge from the Navy, a divorce from my first, wife, and my brother and sister under family members. I do not remember filling this out at all. Another suspicion is that my old SF86 shows my secret clearance was revoked. I had no idea it had been revoked. I assumed it had carried over from the Navy to the guard. Will I be able to explain this during the interview process? What are the odds of me maintaining my clearance dusing the renewal investigation. I have held the new clearance since 2006 with no incidents other than a couple of credit hic-ups which have been paid. I have recieved an Honorable dishcarge from both the Army National Guard and the Active Army for retirement since the Navy’s General Under Honorable conditions discharge.

from what I have read in this forum and other discussion groups, this sort of thing is common. However, that doesn’t mean you might not face some issues. So you are in process for a periodic update? Did you put all the correct information down on the most recent SF-86? That’s about all you can do at this point. Maybe someone else can comment on whether your clearance would be suspended as a result of all this.

Many investigators believe there should be a special place in Hell for recruiters who fill out SF-86’s instead of having the recruit do it :slight_smile: