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Good Morning All,

Based on the information I’ve supplied on earlier posts, as most of you know, the agency I’ve applied for is a DoD/IC position which does its own BI/Adjudication.

The question I have now is for most of you, but @backgdinvestigator specifically— anyone can answer of course.

For the purposes of the SF-86 (the past 10 years), I’ve only had two jobs; one for (4) years and one going on (7) years… there isn’t much there.

I have also only lived in one city all my life and now just live right outside the city limits… there isn’t much there.

I’ve only been out of country once… there’s definitely NOT much there.

All of my references all live in the city(surrounding areas), expect two (1) lives in the mid west and (1) another lives down south…

Do all of these variables make it easier for a BI to do research and properly investigate?

Side note: my SF-86 was submitted early March and I was then contacted by (I’d assume Security) a week later for missing information that was then sent back an hour later at which time, I was told my processing would continue.

Does that also include a suitability review as well?

Thanks in advance and enjoy your Sunday!!!

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I took would like to know. Following.

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Living and working in one place for most of your life can definitely make the process shorter and smoother. Making sure all of the contact info for references is correct and up to date also shaves some time off the process because that’s less time an investigator will have to spend calling the wrong number.

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Living, working two jobs, and going to school in one area for the last 10 years does make the BI much easier - as long as there are no issues that require expansion - think of all the questions on the SF86 and that should give you a strong idea of the areas we are concerned.

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I’m 95% sure ALL of the information is correct.
So, it’s going on 5 months… what’s the hold up?

As of now, none of my references/contacts have informed me that they have been contacted and haven’t been contacted for my interview with an investigator

Thanks, that makes since. It’s just worrisome when it’s going on 5 months and you haven’t heard from an investigator. I’ve lived a pretty normal and straight edged life, yeah, I worry. And I don’t think there is anything that should set up any red flags, sans some credit issues from my past that I’ve made significant progress on.

But I guess no news is good news?

It just might mean there are no/few investigators in your area or there is so much work that it just isn’t your turn.

Cases are not worked in the order they are received. There are multi-layers of priority in the process which also impact the timeline. Your NBIB case could’ve been assigned to NBIB or any of our contractor companies (we don’t share cases). Also, the investigator might not be contacting your references - the people listed on the form are not always the people we contact.

There is the “good luck” factor. I’ve been assigned cases where the Subject submitted the EQIP on Thursday and the case was in my assignments by the next Tuesday,

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Yeah, no news is good news. If you haven’t heard from an investigator yet I wouldn’t worry too much, there are people who have been waiting a lot longer than 5 months. Your case just likely hasn’t been put in front of anyone yet.

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You’re a treasure trove of information…Thank you!

I have to ask, even though this particular agency handles its own BI/Adjudication, you’re saying my case could still be handled by NBIB or a contractor in some capacity?

IC agencies also use contractors for their background investigations. NBIB offers services/checks outside of full investigations.

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Thanks for that information, Bob. Appreciate it!

Hey, is it safe to assume that I’ve at least made it through the suitability phase?