Ghosted by Peraton?

I received an email from a address asking if I was still interested in an entry-level investigator job. I replied yes and answerd their questions about salary preferance etc. and I have not back. This was a week ago. In my “dashboard” on the Peraton website, it says “Awaiting Response” under this particular job. Will I never hear back from them? The job I applied to was not being advertised for my location, but rather it was for “Nationwide” which I am to understand can be used to fill any location.

Any thoughts?

“Ghosting” seems to be standard practice in the world of HR these days… even when it is some recruiter who says you are an “ideal candidate” for a position the client is “urgently looking to fill.”

Your salary requirements may have been too high? or you location already has plenty of investigators?

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Nah, I know what the position pays and I quoted bellow it. I guess they could have put out a blanked email to a bunch of people asking if they are interested in the position and there was better applicants than me.

@ScoobyDont , Peraton’s HR folks may be different from the actual management side doing the hiring. I would suggest try locating a few of their managers on LinkedIn and reach out directly there. Let them know you applied but haven’t heard back. You’ll get in there in no time! Good luck!

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Don’t be shy. Be sure to call the recruiter and/or hiring authority. You can also send an email asking for an update. Working at ISN and recruiting for an intelligence contract while standing up an entire prime program, sometimes we have problems keeping the folks on our hiring lists updated with the progress on the contact before launch. Remember, you have to advocate for yourself. Best of luck.
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I have sent a few emails, but no reply and they did not provide a phone number. I think I will post here asking if anyone knows of a Peraton recruiter in California I can contact.

@ScoobyDont , reach out to someone directly on LinkedIn. Peraton uses a talent team for recruiting but you may fair better going directly to one of their employees.