Anyone Have a Peraton POC?

I sent off an application a few weeks ago for an Investigator position with Peraton and would like to check up on it. Does anyone here know of a point of contact for this? I am in the Sacramento, CA area.

I don’t have a good POC. It’s a massive system. I know they are desperate to hire people in the Oakland area. If you apply to that position you will probably get quicker reaction. Do you have experience?

Hi Weeble. Oakland is about 1.5 hours from me. Me and the family do plan to make the move back to the Bay Area, but probably not until next year.

I have personnel security exp. I just checked my application status and it has not moved from “Received Submission”. I wonder if they haven’t even looked at it yet.

I wish I could move back to the Bay Area now; it might be possible if the pay is good enough. Might you know what the going rate for this job is out there?

EDIT: I just checked and Oakland, CA location is not advertised.

I feel pretty confident saying the pay will not be very good for that area. That’s the reason they have trouble keeping people in that area. With some experience and a clearance I expect an initial offer would be $50 ish. I just looked at their CO investigator job postings and interestingly they do not comply with the new CO compensation equal pay for equal work act. Ie. They are supposed to post a salary range for CO jobs. They post a range for other jobs in CO but not the investigator jobs .