Got cleared. Position no longer available. :-(

I was told last week that I was cleared. Got a Public Trust High Risk clearance. The recruiter told me that the position was no longer available. They have another opening and asked if I was interested in moving to a different city, I declined, I have a family and the cost of living is a lot higher. It kinda hurt.

They didn’t reach out to any of my references, employers. No in person interview. Someone from DHS reached out to me via email. They did everything electronically. Sending encrypted emails back in forth. The recruiter told me that they have 90-180 day to put me in a position or I will lose the clearance. Almost everything in my area requires a SC. Do you guys have any tips?

Wonder what that means, and under what circumstances you’d be given 180 days and when it would be 90.

I can tell you this happens. In my company we will offer any of the positions available to keep a cleared person. If we are anticipating a new position they will delay filing the cancellation paperwork. Is this the way the system should work? No. But I understand it when it happens. At times I can clear a person, put them in an entry level position, HR may pay them the agreed upon rate until the anticipated position opens. This way they are cleared and working and nobody complains about carrying clearances not required. At times the client has closely watched the cleared list and forced us to cancel clearances for anyone not in a full time position. At times it is easy to reactivate by “crossing over” the clearance but other times it doesn’t cross over as they were not read in.