Government Job, Illegal Relative

Hey there… I’m in the process for starting my Eqip for a government job, I’m a US Citizen, have a relative who is Illegal … any complications on that?

Answer under the foreign association/affection section in the affirmative and explain it. I assume this is a relative like a brother, sister, in law, or step sibling?

You will need reveal they are not US citizens. Whether or not any action is taken from there…against them…only time can tell. To not reveal it is to conceal it. That would be falsifying a government form, and abetting a criminal act. Likely scenario is you reveal it, are open in discussing it, no problem for you. Maybe problem for them.

I don’t believe that any background check interview is going to result in the pursuit of an illegal relative . . .

If this is for a clearance and it’s an immediate relative or someone you have close ties to, it may cause you problems regarding eligibility. You won’t be able to avoid reporting it if it’s an immediate family member and they were born in a foreign country. Documentation will be requested, and you must provide a response.

An adjudicator will view it as willful (?) association with someone involved in criminal activity.

It could be mitigated based on your circumstances of course.

I once had a candidate initially refuse to reveal the address of his illegal mother/father in laws.
I explained to him that if he provided an address the worst that would happen is a contract investigator might go talk to them.
If he didn’t provide the address the worst that would happen is OPM might ask for law enforcement (local, FBI, ICE, CBP) assistance to locate them.
He decided to provide the address (with no issues)

Thanks for the replies… I will disclose it and I’m aware it might affect my eligibility … I hope not… stressing about it.

I don’t think you should stress about it.