Government Shutdown Possibility

I tried to search for shutdown answers in the forum but didnt find any current info. So it looks like a government shutdown may happen on the 20th of this month. Does this cause any trouble with current investigations? I am just curious. My investigation finished sometime last week and I have a training date start on the 29th for training as a Case Reviewer with CACI. Will the shutdown effect my start date also? That would seriously suck.

A shutdown would pretty much mean all investigations and adjudications would be halted. Any start dates would have to be pushed back. I’m in the same boat as you. I have no idea what my date would be pushed back to if a shutdown happened. I can’t afford to live in DC for like 2 or 3 months if there’s a long shutdown and then long time to figure out how to reorganize stuff because I doubt they’d bring on people with EOD’s that lapsed during the shut down on immediately.

According to the article here, “If you’re awaiting a security clearance, your investigation will continue to be processed despite the government shutdown. Facility security clearances will not be processed, however.”.

I’m not sure as to if that information is still correct as that article was posted in 2013.

Yeah, all I found was old info. I was informed however that my company CACI would not be effected and everything will continue as normal.

A shutdown means… no investigations will be stopped.

One advantage to NBIB doing background investigations versus DSS is that our funds not NOT appropriated. Agencies pay us from their funds and we use those funds to complete investigations, pay contractors, pay NBIB employees, etc…

We never skip a beat when the shutdown happens… no vacations for the investigators or agents…


Does this mean investigators or adjucation will continue? Like what exactly is a facility security clearance?

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Look everyone calm down. I had 32 years with the FEDS before retiring. I had been through many many government shutdowns. They last like 1 day! There is also what is termed ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL who continue to work during the shut down. This is NOT going to affect you as an employee supporting the governments mission. Every time there was a shut down everybody got paid. Even for the day or days they sat home. The longest one was 1 week in 1994. Best FREE PAID VACATION the government ever gave me.

Investigators and Agents don’t get free vacations… we continue working through government shutdowns.

This means there are no stoppages with the field investigations.


If agencies don’t have approved budgets - you don’t get requests or money for upcoming pr’s or new hire investigations.

OPM is not appropriated funding - to simplify the explanation - DOD says, “we need a background investigation on Sgt Snuffy - here is the money for the investigation.” OPM says “Thank you”. There are some instances the requesting agency is charged more money but for the most part - the agencies pay a flat rate using the OPM/NBIB menu.

Again - Government shutdown normally doesn’t stop the background process in general.

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Right, not appropriated because opm/nbib depend on money from other agencies approved budgets for investigations. So, in your example if DOD doesn’t have an approved budget and the government is shutdown it’s safe to say that SGT. Snuffy’s investigation request is going on hold till a budget is approved by Congress.

Not unless the Gov’t is shut down long enough for us to catch up on almost all of our cases and no new cases are being requested.

Seriously, no. Sgt Snuffy’s case presses on - it’s been paid for. Also, we are a mission critical service.

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As selfish as this may seem I am glad they do not take off! LOL I just want my clearance then they can go on vacation (I hope you know I am only playing). That is unreal! Why be a background investigator if you cannot get time off? Do you know how long adjudication is taking with the DOD? I am guessing you don’t since you are a BI. I just wanted to ask…

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I can take time off - I meant that field investigators don’t normally get furloughs during short gov’t shutdowns.

I understand you are teasing. I also understand (as do almost all investigators and federal agents) that every case we work is a real person.

I am a BI - the process is kinda designed so I don’t know if you get your clearance or not. We are “scored” by the investigation itself, not the end result.

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What about if the investigation is complete and the clearance packet is at the adjudicators office?
Are adjudicators working during this government shutdown? I understand investigators are working…what about adjudicators?

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