Help! Domestic Violence Charge Need Advice

Be mindful, this is commonly called a withheld judgement. The dismissal does not mean found innocent, it means the court has given you the chance to show a change in behavior.

The probation for a WHJ is not normally a disqualifier as long as you are following the court requirements.

Hey thanks for the response. That’s good to know as far as the WH judgment and probation is concerned. The prosecutor stated that she normally doesn’t ever reduce or give out short term probation but was will to make an exception for me considering the circumstances and my position. Yes, of course I will comply with whatever the court’s decisions are and absolutely report it as soon as I know what happens. I was under the impression and based off of what I read that probation was like a “kiss of death” for a clearance and even states it as a security concern in the guidelines which had me really concerned. They want me to finish up this class, comply with a non restrictive PO and 6 months probation. My lawyer is trying to get something better but she may not be willing to change her offer in which case it’s the lesser of two evils type scenario and I need to take the best possible option. They are willing to dismiss the charges once that’s completed. The only caveat is that they don’t want me to be able to expunge it. So are you saying that probation in itself isn’t a disqualifying factor as long as you are following it or not violating it?

Probation is not normally an immediate disqualifier.

How screwed am I if I take the 6 month probation plea deal there offering? It’s a deferred disposition a lot less than the normal 2 years so it’s a much better offer. I would have to finish the class and that will allow me to avoid a conviction. The prosecutor isn’t willing bend any other way unfortunately.