Help with Direct Supervisor?

Almost five years ago I worked for less than two months as a temporary part-timer. I really didn’t get to know anyone there. I wasn’t even aware who my direct supervisor was. I called them up and they don’t remember me and they couldn’t tell me who my direct supervisor was.

What should I do?

Put down whatever information you can and add a comment about not having the supervisor’s name. Hopefully the form will let you do that.

We’ve all had at least one short term position or worked for a company that had so much turnover that there’s nobody left who worked with you. As stated above, give them as much information as you can and let the investigator run with. If they have trouble getting information it not likely to cause you a problem. It’s negative information that gets you in trouble.

I used to work part-time in college supporting the lecturers for the departments, and there wasn’t a direct supervisor except the professors (so many). Plus, my school got merged to another school in the system, and the department got dissolved as part of the merger and the name of the university no longer exists. I explained it in the comment sections in details and also stated that I can provide W2 to prove my employment.