Hiring Process/Interview

I recently (about a week ago) applied for both CACI and SCIS for a Background Investigator job. SCIS contacted me yesterday and invited me to an open house that they are having where interviews will be held on the spot. I have a few questions:

  • What should I wear and should I be clean shaven? I have a well trimmed beard (a little under 1/4" long), don’t mind shaving but it does make me appear a little older than clean shaven which I feel may help.

  • What can I expect the interview to be like? Types of questions?

Thanks everyone, I have been reading through a lot of posts and it has been super helpful. This is all new to me.

I don’t work for either company but in regards to your first question you should probably dress like you are going to an interview (i.e. wear a suit and tie). As far as your beard goes, unless you are in the military, you are not required to shave it. However, you should probably groom it to appear as professional as possible. Finally, as long as you appear professional there is no “advantage” to appearing as if you are older than you really are. As long as your resume and experience aligns with the companies needs than they can care less about your baby face.

rbr hit the nail square on the head.

Dress for business - a beard is fine, but it needs to be well groomed.

Thanks to both of you, appreciate the feedback! I figured the beard would be okay since I keep it neat and short, but just wanted to make sure I had everything squared away. Appreciate it!