HOA Lien question

I received a notice from my HOA that an HOA alien was issued for unpaid dues in Nov. 2017. It totaled less than $1800 and it was paid in full and taken care of within 3 weeks. I just notified the FSO at my company regarding this but have not heard anything back yet. Do you think this will effect my clearance at all? Maybe during reinvestigation which would be in 8 years? I have not been late since then and will make sure that it never happens again…

I don’t think that you will EVER hear anything back . . .

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You addressed it. That is the key. Addressed debt, is resolved debt, or is resolving debt. Life happens and these annoying bills crop up from time to time. Sometimes we are aware of them, other times we are not. But once you address it, it is handled. Further, you reported it so you did the best mitigation in those two steps. If it was over 90 and 180 days due it must be marked on the next SF86, but explain it was resolved and paid on the next page.

You think it’s pretty insignificant then?

Thank you for the advice!