How can I get a CI polygraph Without an employer?

I’m trying to get a job that requires me to already have a CI poly. I have a TS/SCI however my current company won’t help me get a poly. Is there a way to get one on my own?

My guess is that your only choice is to convince the new company that you are a better fit than anyone that they can find who already meets the requirement. Then they can give you a provisional offer and send you for the poly . . . I seriously doubt that there is anything that you can do on your own.

OR . . . You can find a third employer willing to send you for the poly . . .

There are several companies that will hire you without a poly. I would search for them. I would rattle off a few of them but I am not sure if we are allowed to in this form. The safe answer is go look at government jobs too.

Short answer is no. Your position drives the poly requirement.

Oh good! I just hope my TS/SCI will go through! Today marks my year mark of waiting!