How can I update my JPAS?

I am currently working with one of the government contractor. I know I have TS/SCI level of clearance with my current job. I recently applied for a job with another contractor and the recruiter told me they can’t give me an offer because my clearance is not showing in JPAS. They were able to verify my clearance in Scattered Systems but it was never updated in JPAS. Is there anyone I can reach out for the crossover, so that I don’t get declined for additional job offers in future because of clearance ? Or is this something I won’t be able to do unless the company I am applying agrees to do so ?

I am also in the Army Reserves, can I contact anyone in my unit and ask for help ?

You can never update your own JPAS. You can’t look at your own JPAS record in the system.

Someone in your PSU will need to do that for you - if they do that for you. There has to be a valid reason.

@HARPOON thank you for your reply .

Can you please clarify to me what is PSU ? Will trying to change job be a valid reason ?

Personnel security unit.