Military Sep Date wrong in JPAS, how to fix?

Hello All,

So I recently retired earlier than expected from the military and did not check to see if the correct separation date was loaded in JPAS. Now with a new job that requires a security clearance, they cannot access my record because it still shows me active military. The military record is owned by no one and cannot change the separation date in JPAS. The Air Force reflects the correct separation date and also DEERS, but the date will not change in JPAS to the correct one. Called DMDC to help but they say a personnel entity has the wrong info and feeding into JPAS but everything on my end is correct. What are the steps I need to take to fix this issue so my new job can access my record?

The FSO at your new job should be able to get JPAS support on the phone and find out where the bad info is coming from. It may then be incumbent on you to take it up with the reporting source.

One thing you can do is wait for your investigation and talk to your BI about the situation. BRING YOUR DD214! This document will be your official transcript.

@krazyk784 . . . He will not have an investigation if his new employer can’t get him in JPAS. The mistake of listing him as active duty is preventing that. His DD214 will be proof that he has been discharged but he needs to figure out where a copy needs to go.

I would try and call OPM directly to find out.

My clearance is in scope and will not expire till 2023, so updating my eqip will not matter. Since I am retired, the AF cannot gain me back to change the information. Any other advice would be helpful. Thanks for the info so far.

OPM does not own JPAS.

It seems that the AF is the one who provided the incorrect information. They should be the ones to correct it. As I stated, your prospective employer should be able to talk with JPAS support and find a solution.

Failing that, a call and a letter to your congressman’s office should clear this up fairly quickly.