Remove an erroneous JPAS separation date

I have a separation date in JPAS of June 2017. I need this removed as I am still with the DOD (military) and have an open T5 investigation sitting at almost 500 days open. My previous FSO (DOD affiliated) from 2012-2017 entered that I was separating when I got read out even though I was remaining with the DOD and transferring to a different FSO. I fall under a new FSO now still with the DOD and the separation date in JPAS prevents anyone from taking ownership of me for more than a day. I reached out to my previous FSO to see if they could remove the separation date however JPAS wouldn’t allow it. I’ve read that JPAS pulls data from multiple sources and it could be getting fed incorrect data. I verified with my local personnel administration department and DMDC (2 sources that feed data in JPAS) and all my information is current and correct.

My current FSO is aware of the issue and (allegedly) put in a request in Jan 2018 to correct the issue. It is now July 2018 and I still have a separation date. Initially my FSO informed me that it could take about 3 months to remove the separation date. Now 6 months later no change and all my FSO can tell me is that there is nothing to do but wait and that we are at the mercy of the department of the Navy. I know after 2 years with a separation date I will be deleted from JPAS and will result in a huge issue for me. I’m about a year out from that happening but considering how long it seems to take for things to process I need to get this resolved now. I’ve called DMDC about it and they say my FSO has to fix it. Any advice on what needs to happen to remove a separation date that shouldn’t be there? And will this affect my open T5 investigation from adjudicating after it closes if not corrected by then?

Have you tried consulting with a security lawyer to see options that they have ?

Is there anyone I can get in touch with that has rights in JPAS to remove a separation date? Who fixes issues like this?

They help un-screw a lot of my clearance issues.

I don’t know were you are located at … but if you search google, there are a ton of these types of lawyers in the DC area.

My separation issue in JPAS has been resolved. For anyone that ever has a similar issue, submit your info up to the highest level SSO in your department and they will forward your request to the JPAS helpdesk for correction. I had to provide my PII to the SSO and proof of active employment and they did the rest.