How do I tell which date my Security Clearance was granted?

I am applying for a job, and in the application it asks for the date my clearance was granted. It wants the exact date (M/D/YYYY). I filled out the paperwork for my Secret clearance when I joined the Air Force in 2011 (I’m out now). My clearance should still be active since it’s within 10 years of the active date, but how do I know what date it was granted? I’d imagine it was some time in late 2011 or early 2012.

Thanks in advance.

I would use your BMT dates. They can look into JPASS for exact dates. Thanks for serving Big Blue!

The day I started BMT or graduated?


I would use the month and year you completed. They will still verify it in JPASS. Normally a month and a year will be all it takes, and they will search under your SSAN not the date.