How far back do they keep records?

I have held a clearance for over 30 years my first Poly was a Full Scope with CI ever since. I have been told my FS “should still count” however since it was so long ago they do not seem to be able tp find any record of it. I believe it was in 1985 but could have been 1984 too, between moving and stuff I do not have any of my old paperwork.
Has anyone had their stuff tracked back that far/
I have changed agencies during the past 30 odd years between the N letter agencies and one some DOD stuff too, all TS/SCI

No specific info here, but just for comparison the Army seems to think that the world was created in 1994; nothing prior to that has been digitized/uploaded. I guess there’s a warehouse somewhere but I don’t think agencies are hanging on to stuff as long as they used to.

Hopefully they have records of your more recent CI poly’s in an online database.

Yes most recent was Aug 2021 I have one every 5 years since 1985 pretty much, not a record I am sure but more than most!

Some three letter agencies STILL refuse to provide any information to other agencies. It’s not necessarily a written policy, but it is like pulling teeth.

“we have no teeth, have never seen said teeth, and have no knowledge of any such teeth” : )

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