How long for FAA SF85 Interim?

Hello all,
I recently applied and was given a conditional offer based on the results of a clearance test. The position requires an SF85 non-sensitive clearance and I was given a prescreening a few weeks ago and then last Friday I was contacted to fill out the SF85 form on E-QIP as well as to send in my fingerprints.

According to my contact she said she would review once my fingerprints came in and if everything is good would grant me an interim clearance before moving on.

My question is how long does it generally take for a decision on the interim to go through?

Thank you for your responses.

You are not processing for a clearance. You are undergoing suitability or fitness for a low risk nonsensitive position following HSPD-12 guidelines for issuance of a federal credential. Depends on the Agency processing and how efficient they are, as little as 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months,