How long to get an Interim clearance these days

Hi I got offered a new role with the Marine Corp in their I.T department .I have had Public Trust with DHS then worked at the TSA with the same clearance no issues gave fingerprints again December 2016 .The new company says I can start with an Interim at The USA Marine Corps will my DHS DEpartment of Homeland Security help me or am I starting from scratch and how long does an Interim Clearance take ?

Thanks All


The process and standards for Interim’s seems to have changed in recent years. At least based on what I’ve seen here. It depends greatly on the agency doing the investigation. My DOD interim came in about 4 months after my SF86 submittal date.

I think the biggest driver on a successful interim clearance being granted is how well you complete the SF86. If you are thorough, up front and honest about every detail, you are far more likely to be granted interim (not to mention the fact that it makes your investigation go a lot easier too). Since you clearly are aware of the process, have experience in this in the past, I’m guessing you’re an ideal candidate for a quick interim.